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Want to take more than 23 other ghost tours across the US? With this app you can take a tour on your own schedule, from your mobile device! Download this GPS guided mobile tour application complete with audio on your Apple or Android smartphone from and listen as your host tells you the stories of DC Ghosts locations with 35 minutes of audio. The mobile ghost tour can guide you on location, or can be taken from anywhere! You won’t need a tour guide with this app!

The GPS on the phone coordinated perfectly with the ghost tours on I loved how even as you passed a location it would automatically start playing. Having the photos of the places were also a huge help too. Makes finding the spots in the night so much easier. There were some sound effects that were in a few of the locations which was a nice touch. We listened through shared headphones which worked great but the phone also didn’t have any issues playing through the speakers.

-from an iTourMobile tour

I took my phone on a full charge to do my own ghost tour in DC, and was able to visit all 12 locations. I have also listened to them after the tour, and had a great time! I love the convenience of doing the tour at my own pace and at any time I want.

- Download the app and have fun! guests