About DC Ghosts: Ghost Tour to DC Haunted Houses

Learn all you need to know about what makes DC Ghosts the best tour in DC!



So, what makes us different from other ghost tours in Washington, DC?

They say DC is out of touch with reality. Maybe it’s because so many of the dead still roam the city and haunted houses in DC

The Quality.

Our experienced tour guides bring a local flavor to each ghost tour. They are licensed and registered with the District of Colombia, with in-depth knowledge of the area’s haunted history. Experience the scariest and most entertaining DC night tour as we walk around the White House, visiting places like the Ford Theater where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, the Octagon House, Dolly Madison House, The W, and more. Our tours are based on historic events and eyewitness accounts of hauntings that have occurred across hundreds of years.

Our Approach.
We take a documentary, yet entertaining approach to explaining the tragedies and horrors of DC’s long history, and the eerie hauntings and ghost activity that still takes place in the buildings surrounding the White House. We don’t dress up in period costume. We don’t carry lanterns. We want you to be scared and have fun, but we don’t jump out and try to scare people, we don’t do cheap thrills. We don’t pretend to be someone else.

We’re locally owned and operated, part of a league of ghost tours from cities New Orleans to New York City, and we pride ourselves in delivering an entertaining but educated ghost tour that is grounded in real events with historic roots, and legitimate ghost sightings. Our stories include tales of betrayal, murder, war, voodoo, and intrigue.

  • Our historic ghost walk to DC haunted houses is held nightly at 8PM and by special appointment
  • We host private tour groups: school groups, bachelorette parties, business outings, and more
  • We have been joined by mediums, psychics, and paranormal investigators
  • We have seen paranormal activity on our ghost tours, and sometimes our guests capture evidence of ghosts on camera and video
  • DC Ghosts is a service-disabled veteran owned small business

The Value. Our ghost tour visits more DC haunted houses than any other ghost tour in the nation’s capital. Our standard tour is 90 minutes long and visits 10 of the most haunted locations around the White House. For those brave enough, customers have the option to purchase an extended tour that includes a trip to the National Theater and Ford’s Theater, the site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

DC Ghosts is not made for children. However, the tour is still appropriate for children. Kids enjoy the tour, but we do not censor the tour for children. Yes, some of the kids get scared. That just means we’re doing our job! We do offer special kid-themed private tours. Young children under 6 years are admitted for free. Kids from six to under twelve are admitted at half the price.

DC haunted house ghost tour: $25 adults, $12 kids, kids 6 and under free
Add $4 per person for the extended tour! Kids under 6 are free.

The Experience. We are not theatrical because our tour is based on fact. With the help of renowned psychics and paranormal investigators, our stories are based on research, eyewitness accounts, and paranormal books connected to factual and historical events.

We consider quality a top priority. If you didn’t enjoy your experience or your tour guide, please contact us and let us know how we can improve. We hope you have a great time, learn something on our tour, hopefully get scared, and walk away with some great memories.